Dental aesthetics is an application made to ensure that the teeth look aesthetically aligned and fit the healthy tooth structure.

Dental aesthetics can be done by anyone who wants a beautiful, confident and healthy smile. Aesthetic dental applications are preferred if there are problems with the overall appearance of the teeth or if the person does not like their own smile. These applications are determined by a specialist dentist in accordance with the structure of the person’s mouth and teeth and are applied by different methods.

Dental aesthetic treatment is done with ease for those who are considering having an aesthetic surgery because it is not an application that takes too much time and effort. Thanks to technology and developing medical facilities, aesthetic treatment can sometimes be performed even in one session depending on the person’s dental structure.

What is Dental Aesthetics?

What is dental aesthetics: Our teeth are very important in communicating, influencing the person in front of us, and digesting nutrients. The appearance of teeth and our smiles are important factors affecting our social life and self-confidence. The bad appearance of the teeth has a negative effect on our social encounters. Those who have problems with their teeth from birth or for different reasons can get healthy thanks to aesthetic dental practices.

Dental design and aesthetics should be unique to the person. Teeth look great when they have a natural appearance in accordance with the person’s smile, facial structure, and character. A specialist doctor examines each patient one-on-one and then makes the appropriate smile and tooth design for the person. With some different applications, beauty can be added to a person’s smile to ensure that they have healthier teeth.

Dental Aesthetics: Aesthetic Teeth

Aesthetic dental practices aim to have the most natural and beautifully lined teeth suitable for a person’s mouth and smile. Bonding, teeth whitening, laminated, zirconium applications, implant tooth construction, pink aesthetics, orthodontics, and dental prosthesis applications can be achieved with healthy aesthetic teeth.

Thanks to the developing technology and medical science today, the practice of dentistry has also progressed considerably. By combining dentistry in several branches, it is possible to make a person’s smile more beautiful, better, or decode dental problems. Dental and smile aesthetics can be performed in one session using methods such as laminated tooth coating, full ceramic bridge application, and porcelain filling application. With the developing technology, the patient’s dental measurements are taken and transferred to a 3D computer environment, and after determining the tooth to be made, the new tooth is prepared by the device.

Dental Aesthetics: Aesthetic Dental Models

Aesthetic dental models vary from person to person. When the tooth design is unique to the person, it looks natural and beautiful. For this reason, the dental model that suits the patient should be determined and applied by the doctor. The most commonly made dental models are:

Aggressive tooth type: the 4 front teeth and the canine teeth are about the same length, the front teeth are angular, and the canine teeth are not pointed.

Dominant tooth type: the front two incisors are slightly longer than the side incisors, the corners of the front two incisors are perpendicular. The corners of the lateral incisors are beveled, and the canine teeth are longer and more pointed than the others.

Advanced tooth type: the two incisors in the front center are slightly longer than the lateral incisors, their outer corners are inclined. Canine teeth are almost the same size as the two front incisors and have an oval tapering at the ends.

Focused tooth type: It is similar to the advanced type, the end corners of the lateral incisors are slightly more oval, the canine teeth are the same shape.

Functional tooth type: According to the focused type, the two incisors in the front center are shorter, while the canine teeth are more pointed.

Hollywood tooth type: In Hollywood Smile, the teeth are slightly inclined and angular; the front incisors are longer than the others. Canine teeth are the same size as the two front incisors and the ends are straight.

Mature tooth type: angular and flat on the 4 front incisors, canine teeth have an oval taper and are the same length as the incisors.

Natural tooth type: The two front incisors and the canine teeth are the same length and longer than the side incisors. Both corners of the lateral incisors are oval, the canine teeth are long and pointed.

Oval tooth type: The corners of all teeth are oval; the canine teeth and the lateral incisors are shorter and flush than the front two incisors. The two front incisors are more oval than the others.

Soft tooth type: The ends of the two front incisors have flat corners, the side incisors are short compared to the front ones. Canine teeth have an elongated and oval structure.

Strong tooth type: The front 4 incisors are angular, and the ends are straight. The front two incisors are slightly longer than the side incisors, the canine teeth are longer and more pointed.

Young tooth type: All front incisors are more oval than other teeth, canine teeth are the same length and tapered as the front two incisors. There is a length difference between the lateral incisors and the front two Incisors.

Dental Aesthetics: Gingival Aesthetics

Gum aesthetics is a treatment method performed for asymmetric disorders that occur in the gums, withdrawals, gums have a different color, closing the tooth. Gum problems can be a health problem and also affect a person’s smile and affect their social life. Thanks to gum aesthetics, a person can have a healthy and aesthetic mouth and smile. In addition, by having gum aesthetics done, a person can gain many advantages. Some of these advantages include:

  • Gum problems, bleeding and injuries disappear, gums become healthier and gum sensitivity disappears.
  • A person smiles confidently and sincerely, as patient’s gums become more beautiful and aesthetic. Their social relations and psychology develop in a positive way.
  • Gingivitis is prevented.
  • The teeth will be in the order they should be.

Thanks to laser gum aesthetics, the procedure can be performed without bleeding and pain in as little as 15-20 minutes. It is often preferred because it is an easy and fast method, and laser aesthetics can be done to everyone.

Thanks to the aesthetics of the smile, the gums of the person reach their normal appearance. Disorders in the color of teeth, cracks and fractures are corrected, the closure of the teeth is corrected. Smile design should be done by a specialist doctor according to a person’s facial structure, character and preferences.

How smile aesthetic is done: The process and duration of a smile design may vary from person to person. A planning is made taking into account the oral and dental structure of the person and the application is made by both the person’s choice and the doctor’s joint decision. The applications of smile aesthetics are as follows:

  • The process of teeth whitening,
  • Gingival aesthetics
  • Zirconium or porcelain veneer
  • Bonding
  • Orthodontic treatments
  • Implants

Prices for smile aesthetics vary depending on the procedure performed and the structure of the person’s oral teeth. In order to get the most accurate and up-to-date prices, you should consult your doctor one-on-one.

Dental Aesthetics: Aesthetics of Pink Teeth

One of the must-haves of an aesthetic smile is, of course, the gums. The lack of gums in a healthy and normal way directly affects the smile. For reasons such as the gums closing the teeth, being dense and unhealthy, aesthetics is applied to the gums.

The prices of pink dental aesthetics vary depending on the dentist and the treatment method to be applied to the gum. Prices for dental aesthetics that will be performed using laser gum aesthetics or other methods vary from person to person.

Dental Aesthetics: Aesthetic Tooth Coating

Aesthetic tooth coating is one of the treatment methods performed as a result of the fact that the teeth wear out over time or wear out and deteriorate for various reasons. An analysis is performed by a specialist dentist based on the person’s dental condition and the most appropriate method is selected for the patient. By using methods such as zirconia crown tooth coating and porcelain tooth coating, teeth gain a healthier and more aesthetic appearance.

The application of dental aesthetics bonding is the process of bonding composite filling material to the teeth. Thanks to the method that can eliminate defects in the teeth, it is possible to provide an aesthetic tooth appearance. It is preferred by patients due to the fact that it is cheaper in price than other methods.

Aesthetic porcelain teeth are one of the most widely used and best methods of coating teeth. Stained teeth and irregular-shaped teeth can be corrected with a porcelain tooth coating. The aesthetics of the tooth is also provided by changing the position of the teeth with porcelain veneers. The veneer teeth proccess is often preferred because it is painless and safe.

Aesthetic zirconium plating is also one of the most preferred methods. Zirconium has high resistance and performance and is one hundred percent compatible with the inside of the mouth. The coating is also very preferred because it is durable and of high quality.

Zirconia Crown Vs Porcelain

Zirconia Crown Vs Porcelain, when considering aesthetic dental solutions, the choice between zirconia and porcelain crowns often arises. Both materials offer distinct advantages in terms of durability, appearance, and biocompatibility. Zirconia crowns are renowned for their exceptional strength and resistance, making them ideal for patients requiring a robust solution, especially in cases of heavy bite forces or teeth grinding. On the other hand, porcelain crowns are celebrated for their remarkable aesthetic qualities, closely mimicking the natural translucency and color of teeth. This makes them a favored choice for front teeth restorations. The decision between zirconia and porcelain ultimately depends on individual needs, where factors like the location of the tooth, aesthetic desires, and functional requirements play a crucial role. Consulting with a specialized dentist is vital in choosing the right material that harmoniously blends with one’s dental health and cosmetic goals.

Aesthetic Teeth Before and After

Those who have had gum aesthetics or those who have had their teeth done by other methods are quite satisfied. Many people have healthy and confident smiles after the aesthetic procedure they have done on their teeth or gums.

Dental Aesthetics: Aesthetic Tooth Filling

Aesthetic filling tooth treatment uses composite materials to achieve a natural and aesthetic smile design that matches the natural color of a person’s teeth. Due to the fact that the filling made is in the form of a natural tooth, it is durable and does not cause any harm, it is highly preferred.

Aesthetic front tooth filling can be done using different substances with the technique of holding or sticking to the teeth. Our front teeth are very important for our appearance and smile, and sometimes they can deteriorate due to reasons such as caries or breakage. The front tooth filling can be done aesthetically, and the natural appearance can be ensured.

Aesthetic front tooth filling prices may vary depending on factors such as the procedure performed, the material used, and the patient’s condition. An aesthetic tooth filling is now also practiced in the state hospital, but not every state hospital applies this method.

How Long Does the Anterior Dental Aesthetic Filling Last?

The aesthetic filling of the front teeth is based on up to 10 years, depending on the patient’s use. With the necessary oral and dental care, the patient can use the aesthetic filling for a long time. For long-term use, the patient must necessarily go to dental check-ups at specified periods.

Dental Aesthetics: Aesthetics of the Front Teeth

The front teeth are the teeth that we reflect our smile the most. The fact that there are problems with the front teeth negatively affects a person. Our front teeth are very important both in the sense of laughing, talking, and biting. A healthy and correct alignment of the front teeth is one of the must-haves of a beautiful and healthy smile. Some problems that require anterior dental aesthetics include:

  • Darkening and discoloration of the front teeth
  • Caries, cracks, and fractures of the front teeth
  • The curvature of the front teeth
  • Overlapping of the front teeth
  • The front teeth are spaced
  • Missing front teeth

Dental Aesthetics: Prices for Dental Aesthetics

In the past, when it was thought of dental aesthetics, orthodontic treatment methods and wire treatment usually came to mind. Recently, aesthetic smile designs have appeared with the development of medicine and different technological methods. With methods such as esthetic tooth filling, pink tooth aesthetics, and front tooth aesthetics, and bonding with many different methods having the smile of your dreams is now much easier.

Prices for dental aesthetics have been updated. Price criteria vary depending on the operation performed, the material used and its quality, and the patient’s oral and dental condition. The most correct procedure and treatment method to be performed is determined in a one-on-one conversation with the doctor. Gum aesthetics prices have also been updated and vary depending on the treatment method and the condition of the gums. Please contact your dentist to get the most accurate information.

Dental Aesthetics: Aesthetic Dentistry

Aesthetic dentistry is a branch of dentistry that specializes in aesthetic smile design. Aesthetic dentistry uses methods such as teeth whitening, bonding, gum aesthetics, porcelain, laminated zirconium tooth coating applications, implants, and prosthetic orthotics.

Aesthetic Dentist Advice

Those who want aesthetic dentist advice should research the dentist and clinic over the Internet. The dentist’s skills and preferences determine your teeth and smile. For this reason, the dentist must be quite good. Ask the doctor to inform you by having a one-to-one conversation with a dentist you have found on the Internet or recommended by any of your relatives. Examine the teeth that the dentist has done before and find out what materials he or she uses. In this way, it will be possible for you to find the best dentist that suits you.

Aesthetic Dental Clinic

Dental Park Clinics is one of the best dental clinics with its success, friendly service understanding of your needs, and quality within the Aesthetic Dental Clinic. Dental Park stands out in dental aesthetics with the latest technological methods and expert dentist staff. As a result of many dental aesthetics applications made in our clinic, many people get the smile of their dreams.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What Applications Are There in Aesthetic Dentistry?

With aesthetic dentistry, caries, worn teeth, colored teeth, spaced teeth, broken teeth, teeth with shape, texture and deformity are treated, including all teeth in front and behind. The applications used in these treatments are: Composite White Fillers (Bonding), Porcelain Fillers (Inlay-Onlay), Fiber Applications, Whitening Methods, Laser Technology, Lamina Applications.

How to Create an Aesthetic Filler?

Nowadays, composite fillings with the same color as the teeth are preferred instead of dark-colored filling materials. Composite resin, which is used as an aesthetic filler, consists of plastic mixtures containing silicon dioxide in them. Composite fillings are filled into the teeth while they are in the consistency of dough and hardened by irradiation with halogen or LED light. They are extremely resistant to pressure and abrasion.

Aesthetic fillings can be completed in one session. In this respect, it is practical, robust and natural-looking. The procedures performed during the application of aesthetic fillers are as follows:

First, the area to be filled with is anesthetized with regional anesthesia.

Carious tooth tissue is cleaned.

In order to increase the level of attachment to the composite filler area, surface expansion is performed.
Then, dental materials necessary to reduce pain are placed at the base of the cavity opened for filling purposes.

An acidic substance is applied to the tooth, making the surface of the tooth enamel rough.

An application called bonding is made that allows the filling material to be connected to the tooth surface with the tooth.

The composite filling material is prepared in the consistency and color suitable for the existing teeth and placed in the cavity opened in thin layers and laser cured.

Finally, the excess and height of the tooth, if any, are corrected and smoothed with a rasp tool, and the teeth are polished, and the process is completed.

Is Aesthetic Filler Bonding Painful?

Although the procedures are usually performed with local anesthesia in bonding applications, local anesthesia is not needed in some cases.

What are the Advantages of Aesthetic Fillers?

The most important advantage of aesthetic fillers during application is that they can be made practically and quickly.

The tooth obtained shortly after the treatment can be used by patients immediately.

A white filling can be applied to a large number of teeth in the same session, and the treatment can be completed in one session.

In addition, the color of the composite can be adjusted according to the natural tooth color of the person, so it offers an extremely aesthetic appearance.

Because it is connected to the tooth by a chemical bond, it is extremely durable and is less likely to rot than the connection places seen in amalgam fillings.

Are There Any Disadvantages of Aesthetic Filling?

Aesthetic fillings can undergo discoloration and staining as a result of the use of substances such as tea, coffee, cola, cigarettes, which have the property of staining the teeth.

Sensitivity of teeth may develop after composite filling treatment. Although this condition is usually short-term, it can cause sensitivity that does not last for a long time in some cases.

Although composite fillings are extremely robust, they are still not as durable as more natural tooth enamel.
Composite fillings are insufficient for teeth that have undergone a lot of tissue loss, canal treatment, and it may be necessary to cover them with materials such as porcelain, zirconium, etc.

How Long is the Service Life of the Aesthetic Filler?

Composite fillings remain intact for many years as long as they are used correctly. Although it is prepared in accordance with the latest technology, it is still not as robust as natural teeth. Nevertheless, aesthetic fillings can be used for 8-10 years or more.

Failure to ensure oral cleanliness, the use of hard foods that corrode composites, and all coloring foods and beverages such as cigarettes, tea, and coffee lead to discoloration and shape deterioration of composites, reducing their service life.

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