Zirconia Crown

Zirconia crowns might be relatively new, but according to the American Dental Association, veneers have been around since 200 B.C.E.

In the very recent past, gold alloys and other metals have become more popular for covering teeth. These metals are strong enough to withstand the force of chewing, but they are not much like teeth.

Gold crowns can be cheaper than options that look more like teeth, but for most people, the one that is closest to the natural tooth is the best.

Therefore, zirconia crowns have been increasing in popularity ever since it has begun to be used for dental coating.

Zirconia Dental Crown

Zirconium dental coating is a coating process performed on dental surfaces using zirconium material. Zirconium plating is also known as zirconia crown or crown.

It is mainly used for the restoration of carious teeth. But people who want to have an aesthetic smile and white teeth are also given a dental coating. It can be used on the front and back teeth. It looks aesthetically beautiful when used on the front teeth, while it increases the strength of teeth when used on the back teeth.

What is Zirconia Crown?

Zirconia crown is a new generation of coating techniques among the dental coating methods. When it comes to dental coating, people first think of metal-supported porcelain veneers, because until the present time, the primary material used in dental coatings has always been metal-supported porcelain.

In order to obtain more aesthetic, closer to reality, and cosmetically more pleasant-looking coating images, various methods have been developed and different materials have been used. After all the trials and research, zirconium has become the most prominent among these materials.

Zirconium crowns have become famous in recent years for giving a more natural appearance even compared to metal-supported porcelain crowns, which were known as the most natural tooth coating method.

Zirconium teeth, which are the latest favorite of aesthetic dental applications, are the most current and most technological version of aesthetic needs that have been developed over time that have come to life in the world of dentistry.

Zirconia Crown Price

The cost of zirconia crowns varies with multiple factors.

When determining the price, many factors such as the skill of the physician and his/her reputation, the location of the workplace, and the laboratory where he/she works are involved in the process.

Moreover, the brand of the zirconium crown and the patient’s dental health is also among the important factors.

Zirconia Crown Price in Turkey

You can find a suitable zirconia crown cost in İstanbul according to your budget since there are lots of different dental experts and hospitals that do coating treatment. Although the price of zirconia crown treatment may seem a bit more expensive than other treatments, it can prove to be more comfortable and effective in the long term.

Zirconia Crown vs Porcelain

The light transmittance of zirconium coating is much higher than that of porcelain. In this way, zirconium coatings have a light transmission close to natural teeth and allows patients to have an aesthetic smile like a natural tooth.

Also, the zirconia crown fits better with teeth gum when compared with porcelain teeth. Since the infrastructure and superstructure of zirconium coatings are white like teeth, teeth gum around the zirconia crown will also be the same color as the gum around the natural tooth and will prevent the formation of a purple image under the gum.

Zirconia Crowns Before and After

Before applying zirconium dental treatment, the patient is given local anesthesia. The patient does not feel any pain or soreness in this case. It is also worth paying extra attention for a few days, as the treatment will take quite a short time. Then you can continue your life where you left off. The course of treatment is completed within 1 week.

After the zirconium coating is made, you should also not eat excessively hot and cold dishes. You should also be careful of your beverage consumption. Moreover, you need to stay away from sticky and hard foods. You must go on the day of the appointments given by the dentist.

Some patients may have adaptation problems after installing zirconium plating. However, you will soon get used to these teeth.

Because it transmits light, zirconia crowns look brighter and whiter than other coated teeth. Patients who are allergic to metal are advised not to use this coating because it contains metal.

During the treatment period, you will not experience any problems such as inflammation, bleeding, and gum recession. With zirconium-coated teeth, which are corrosion-resistant substances, a solid and reliable tooth is obtained.

If there is pain after the treatment, you can use the medications that the doctor has given you. However, you should pay attention to your food consumption during this process. You should not do anything that will force your mouth. After the process has passed, you can consume the food you want.

Zirconia Crowns Problems

The most important reason why patients prefer zirconia crowns is that the coatings can be used for many years and cause minimal problems. Nevertheless, dental crowns in some cases may lead to problems.

In general, the most common problems are cracks or fractures that occur on the surface of the tooth. In the case of cracks, it is possible to repair the coating without needing it to be renewed, while in fractures, the coating must be renewed. Another most common problem is gingivitis. Because of this, bleeding and purple gums may appear.

Zirconia Keeps Coming Off

If your zirconia keeps coming off, there must be a problem related to the production technique of the coating. Coatings that are not made with the right technique, are not glued properly. This problem mostly occurs when crowns are made by ignoring any problems that occur.

Zirconia Crowns Disadvantages

Although the zirconia crown is very durable, there may be dental caries under it, and the only way to distinguish it is to remove the crown. The extra strength of zirconia crowns has the opposite abrasive effect. They can adversely affect the tooth root and other neighboring teeth.

Considering all the benefits that they provide; zirconia crowns are very affordable. It is difficult to suggest which type of crown is best for you. The decision depends on your budget and the dental problem you have.

What type of cement for Zirconia Crowns?

Dental experts choose the right cement for different types of dental crowns zirconia. Therefore, you should always seek your dentist’s advice when choosing the type of cement that is going to be used in your treatment.

Zirconia Crown Prep

There are different dimensions of zirconia crown treatment. The treatment process starts with checking the inside of the mouth and teeth. Then, the patient is given local anesthesia. The teeth that will be coated are slightly reduced in size and the ends are also thinned. Later, the necessary measures are taken for the zirconia crown to be prepared.

Temporary dental veneers that will be used before zirconium plating are attached to the teeth immediately after taking measurements from the patient.

Zirconium crown, which does not cause any damage to the teeth, is produced by CAD / CAM technology in a laboratory environment according to the measurements taken.

When the coatings are ready, they are applied to the tooth permanently. But in case of a problem or a question mark, the coatings can also be applied to the teeth temporarily in order to provide a one-week trial period.

The patient is asked to come to the check-up regularly every 6 months.

Zirconia vs Gold Crown

A golden crown is a coating option made entirely of gold or its alloys that is used to restore teeth whose structural integrity has been damaged for reasons such as caries, trauma, and root canal treatment.

Although the zirconia crown functions the same way, zirconia looks more like a natural tooth compared to gold crowns.

Although side effects from gold plating are extremely rare, complications can also occur in some people. Side effects that can occur in general include swelling, pain in the lips and inside the mouth, swelling and irritation of the gums, formation of lesions in the mouth (oral lichenoid reaction), and some allergic reactions (in particular, caused by nickel alloys with gold).

Best Cement for Zirconia Crowns

The chemical properties of the adhesives that are called “cement” which are used for bonding zirconia coatings have ideal properties for holding on to both teeth and zirconia crowns. The principles aimed at increasing the retention are also used during the abrasion of the teeth, and the coatings coming off from the teeth is a rare occurrence when the best cement for the patient’s treatment is used.

How Long Do Zirconia Crowns Last?

Patients often want to hear an exact answer about the life of zirconium coatings; however, their life span depends on the patient’s habits. If oral and dental health is not neglected and checks are carried out regularly, the coatings can be used for many years, even lifetime use.

On the other hand, if there is a need for zirconia crown removal, the removal process can be completed easily, and a new crown can be placed. In this case, the zirconium coating is removed by cutting and the patient does not feel any discomfort or pain.

Porcelain Zirconia Crown

Zirconium is a substructural material used in ceramic (porcelain) coatings. It is an advanced material that offers both aesthetics and durability because it is a material with a natural tooth-like color, transparency, and solidity close to the natural tooth. By combining experience, knowledge, care, and technology, it is possible to provide very successful dental prostheses with zirconium, both aesthetically and functionally.

Benefits of Zirconia Crowns

Zirconium dental coating is a frequently preferred method in the field of dentistry. The advantages of this method are as follows:

  • For those who want to have an aesthetic smile, zirconium will be an extremely correct choice.
  • It is an alloy that is close to the natural tooth color.
  • Zirconium is not applied to any metal in the structure of the tooth. For this reason, zirconium dental coating can also be done in a short time in patients with metal allergies.
  • The compatibility of zirconium with dental tissue is also high. There are no complaints of bruising or discoloration of the gums during application.
  • Gingival recession is not experienced.
  • Zirconium coatings can be treated without damaging the tooth when it is desired to be replaced.
  • It gives a result close to the natural tooth color and structure on the teeth.
  • Zirconium dental veneer can be made at any age. In order for permanent teeth to remain healthy in the mouth even at an early age, zirconium plating can be resorted to.
  • Zirconium coating can be preferred for a long-lasting and robust dental coating application in the mouth.
  • Zirconium dental coating can be applied after gum disease treatment in patients with gum diseases.

Best Zirconia Crown Brands

It is useful to get detailed information about zirconium crown brands from your dentist because the amount of material or components used in these products may vary since they are manufactured by different manufacturers. These differences in the content may be important enough to determine which brand will be used during the zirconium plating process.

Therefore, you should always get your doctor’s help when trying to decide the best zirconia crown brand for your treatment.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Are zirconia crowns good for front teeth?

Since they are very strong and natural-looking, zirconia crowns are good for front teeth.

Can zirconia crowns be repaired?

Zirconia crowns can be repaired in many cases if there isn’t serious damage to the crown.

Do zirconia crowns break?

It is very hard for zirconia crowns to break, however, there is still the possibility of crowns breaking because of damage, bad health hygiene, etc.

Is zirconia crown good?

They are one of the best options of our time.

What is the difference between zirconia and porcelain crowns?

Zirconia crowns are much stronger and more durable than porcelain crowns. Also, their light transparency creates a more natural look.

What to cement zirconia crowns with?

Special dental cement is used to glue the zirconia crown to its place.

How are zirconia crowns fitted?

The teeth that are going to be coated are shaped a little bit before placing the zirconia crown. After this process, a uniquely manufactured crown is fitted and glued on top of the tooth.

Does insurance cover zirconia crowns?

Although many of the regular insurances may not cover zirconia crowns, you can contact us to learn if your insurance is covering this treatment.

Do zirconia crowns stain?

Zirconia crowns are stain-resistance thus they are able to stay white and bright for a long time. However, you should take care of your dental health.

Can a zirconia crown be removed?

Zirconia crowns can be removed by your doctor if there is a reason for removal.

Can zirconia crowns be whitened?

Most of the whitening methods do not work on dental crowns. Therefore, it is best to take really good care of your dental health and pay regular visits to your dentist.

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